Meet Team Wondermerk

We have a new and improved team and we just had to introduce them in the proper Wondermerk way, so instead of using boring photographs, Colin, our Creative Director, used his mad design skills and produced these magical illustrations of the whole team. The unfamiliar faces are those of Simoné Hattingh, our Social Media Manager – and Zené Stoltz, our new Junior Art Director.

We released these illustrations one-by-one on Facebook as GIFs with a short introduction of each of the featuring members of the team to tell the audience a bit about them and what they do for the company. Again we wanted to keep it light with the short introductions so that it would go well with the illustrations to support our overall corporate identity that we believe should be reflected in everything that we create.

For Instagram we created one video that contained each of the illustrations, now the intro is very whimsical with rainbows and such, but the music is very contrasting to that but as always we pulled it off and created a feast of colour, images and sound.