Broadway Sweets – Fligos Éclair Lollipop

A theme park inspired candy TV commercial

The Brief

A 30-second 3D TV spot for the launch of a new Fligos Éclair Lollipop

The “Big Idea” of our creative treatment was to explore the hidden world of each of the new Fligos Eclair Pops flavours, namely: Coffee, Choc & Milky.

Client: Broadway Sweets
Services: Illustration, 3D Modeling, Liquid Simulation, Motion Design
Fligos Eclair pop-high (1)
Fligos Eclair pop-high (1)
Fligos Eclair pop-high (1)

The Process

By using visuals associated with the taste, colours and flavour, we created a Fantasy Factory that gives the consumer a playful connection to the new flavour offering.

The Fligos factory felt like a theme park, where each part of the manufacturing process was a magical experience. Our cast was made up of the Fligos cows tinkering away in their factory.



Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Chris Janse van Rensburg

Art Director
Zene Stoltz

Technical Lead
Gerhard de Jager

Animation and Compositing
Daniel Eckstein and Tanya Louwies

Storyboard Artist
Mel Dixon