mandala animation of ice cream cones and morphing into the endboard animation

Cornetto Crazy Rose

Cornetto Turkey Introduces Crazy Rose Deli Gul with a Vibrant Pop Art Twist

The Brief

Wondermerk Creates Captivating Product Demo for Limited Edition Ice Cream

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic world of pop art, the team sought to create an eye-catching demo that would reflect the boldness and uniqueness of Cornetto Crazy Rose

Client: Cornetto Türkiye
Date: 2021
Services: Research and Development, 3D Modeling, Liquid Simulation, Motion Design
Production: Genero

The Brief

The primary goal of the project was to create visually enticing product sequences that would serve as a feast for the eyes, capturing the attention of the audience and leaving them craving the limited edition ice cream.

This exciting new variant is a delightful fusion of raspberry and blackberry flavours, enhanced by a rich dark chocolate sauce, playful popping candies, and a cone that delivers a satisfying crunch.

Wondermerk aimed to deliver alluring content that would showcase the product’s texture, flavours, and indulgent qualities, and generate a strong emotional response from viewers.

The packaging design provided us with a vibrant canvas, featuring eye-catching hues, bold typography, and artful illustrations. The final demo features paper cut-out elements inspired by pop art, transporting consumers into a world of indulgence and excitement.

The Process

styleframe for blueberry and raspberry flavoured ice cream
styleframe for blueberry and raspberry flavoured ice cream
styleframe for blueberry and raspberry flavoured ice cream



Cornetto Türkiye

Regional Assistant Brand Manager
Mert Abedi

Brand Manager
Revna Tever


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Technical Lead
Joshua Aikman

Texture Artist
Rosannah Galbraith