lemon cream ice cream cones merging into the endboard

Cornetto Türkiye Truth or Dare

A delicious demo for a limited addition ice cream

The Brief

Cornetto’s Truth or Dare ice cream is a daring delight

Client: Cornetto Türkiye
Date: 2023
Services: Research and Development, 3D Modeling, Liquid Simulation, Motion Design
Production: Genero

The Brief

Cornetto’s Truth or Dare offers an audacious flavour combination that melds the richness of white chocolate with the zesty kick of lemon in a non-dairy ice cream. Complemented by bitter chocolate pieces, and cocoa sauce, and enclosed within a crisp black cone.

To capture the adventurous essence of this product, Wondermerk’s 3D tabletop demo set the stage with a dynamic Truth or Dare wheel at its heart.

lemon and white chocolate ice cream endboard

The Process

The spinning wheel, reminiscent of the classic game, takes centre stage as the delectable ice cream shares the spotlight. The wheel comes alive, adorned with tempting white chocolate blocks and slices of tangy lemon that seem to dance in anticipation.

The scene transitions to a pool of luscious lemon ice cream, where succulent lemon slices delicately dip into the creamy swirls. A harmonious match follows, revealing white chocolate blocks submerging into the velvety embrace of the ice cream.

lemon cream ice cream cones merging into the endboard
yellow ice cream rose emerging from a pool of cream
rose model of the lemon cream ice cream
drawover of the rose model feedback
white chocolate blocks and chunks

In a visually captivating sequence, a yellow rose gracefully unfurls, spinning towards the camera, only to unveil a cascade of molten bitter chocolate sauce that elegantly fills the heart of the black cone. Emerging from a pool of white chocolate and lemon non-dairy ice cream, the ice cream takes on an enchanting whirl as the lemon slices and white chocolate blocks playfully twirl around it.

As the chocolate tip crisply snaps, the scene seamlessly transitions back to the spinning Truth or Dare wheel. A delightful bouquet of ice cream roses graces the center of the screen, encapsulating the essence of this unique creation.



Cornetto Türkiye

Assistant Brand Manager
Irem Oztekin

Brand Manager
Bilge Sahin


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Technical Lead
Joshua Aikman

Texture Artist
Rosannah Galbraith