milk chocolate bar styleframe

Cornetto Hershey’s Cupid Southeast Asia

An indulgent combination of Hershey's and Cornetto Classico

The Brief

Cornetto Hershey’s Cupid combines two favourite snacks into a  delicious ice cream

Client: Cornetto SEA
Date: 2022
Services: Research and Development, 3D Modeling, Liquid Simulation, Motion Design

The Process

The commercial opens with a shot of a wrapped Hershey’s bar, teasing the audience with the promise of a chocolatey experience. As the camera zooms in, the wrapper gracefully unwraps, and we cut to silky milk chocolate melting into a pool of rich, indulgent goodness.

Smoothly transitioning, the scene unfolds to showcase dancing chocolate drops gracefully descending into a pool of creamy white chocolate ice cream. As the milk chocolate ice cream rosettes take shape, the delightful chocolate sauce centre is revealed.

milk chocolate bar styleframe
milk chocolate bars
milk chocolate bars
milk chocolate bars
milk chocolate styleframe
chocolate drops
chocolate sauce styleframe



Cornetto SEA

BBDO Guerrero

Executive Creative Director
Director Federico Fanti

Associate Creative Director
Nico Zapanta

Group Account Director
Hanna Diaz

Senior Account Manager
Don Pablo


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Technical Leads
Joshua Aikman
Werner Botha

Texture Artist
Rosannah Galbraith