JungleVites Animated Series

A kids-focused web series

The Brief

What if kids could learn all about being healthy while being entertained by a host of colourful animal characters in a bite-size 3D animated comedy web series?

JungleVites is a fun brand that helps moms achieve their kids’ everyday nutritional needs with little fuss. The Acendis team wanted to create a series of 4 animated videos that would be entertaining, interesting and educational in a fun and funny way.

Client: Acendis | JungleVites
Agency: Filmer
character concept for a zebra character

Our aim was to create a cast of fun and fun-loving animals that kids will love, and a sense of humour that will speak to the adults that often watch along. Our situational comedy also functions as a framing story for an important health and wellness call to action, linked to a specific product variant in the JungleVites range.

The JungleVites scripts are aimed at mothers seeking to provide a healthy upbringing for their children. Out stories have woven in humour and wit that is aimed at young moms who will be using JungleVites to bring out the best in their kids on the grow.

The Concept

The Youtube series takes the form of a kids edutainment program. The lush green jungle is full of young animals trying to grow big and strong and attain their full potential in life.
They interact and help each other as they grow. Teamwork is important as is good daily nutritional values coupled with exercise, good manners, hygienic and healthy practises.

a line up of posed animal characters

The Process

Wondermerk got to work redesigning the existing characters and creating a new magical world. We wanted our environments to be rich, colourful and textured – so our characters have a whole world to explore.

We started with scripts and character development, the 7 lead characters each have a unique personality. Twiggy is a Girl Age 6. She loves being outside and is a natural performer/dancer with a bubbly, outgoing personality. Dube (boy Age 7), from the Zulu name for Zebra “Idube, is by far the fastest runner in the jungle and is always jogging on the spot and is never out of breath. Gwen is a nerd and will take part in any school activities that allow her to show off her humongous smile.

We cast real kids as our heroes making them relatable to kids and super cute for adults. The team at Buzz Kidz assisted with casting and the kid whisperer Hanneke Mackie was our voice director.

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Chief Creative
Peri vP

Managing Director
Janez Vermeiren


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Copy Writer
Lionel Naidoo


Character Artist
Rosannah Galbraith

Animation Supervisors
Joshua Aikman and Tim Jardim

Production Co-ordinator
Khanyisile Mavuma

Delano Borrageiro

Deanié Brand
Gareth Chadwick
Joshua Aikman
Rosannah Galbraith