Plascon Woodcare 2.0

A reimagined classic commercial

The Brief

Plascon wanted to recreate their iconic WoodCare advertisement from the 80s, featuring two wooden puppets.

The original spot was shot in stop motion, featuring two wooden dolls. The protagonist applies the Plascon Woodcare product and remains protected from the sun, while her companion becomes discoloured and cracked.

Client: Plascon
Agency: Filmer
character pose

The brief was to recreate the essence of the original WoodCare ad from the 80s while infusing it with a fresh and modern feel. The aim was to engage and captivate audiences, preserving the nostalgia and charm of the original while relaunching Plascon’s WoodCare product and reflecting the diversity of modern South Africa.

The Concept

Colin O’Mara Davis, Creative Director at Wondermerk Studios, who himself was deeply inspired by the original WoodCare ad, spearheaded the project. The team wanted to build on the established world of the original ad and explore new possibilities. They envisioned a beach inhabited by a vibrant community of wooden puppets and create a film that felt hand-crafted. The team also focused on representation, ensuring that audiences could recognize themselves in the characters and that the settings felt familiar.

beach shore scene with main and background characters

The Process

Wondermerk got to work redesigning the existing characters and creating a dynamic beach environment.

The rebooted commercial features an updated cast of 40 diverse South African characters and is set on the iconic Durban beachfront, with the renowned Ku D’ Ta Pier as a backdrop.

The cast features adults, kids, and gogos of all shapes and sizes, and our leading ladies, Mindi and Ash, are reimagined as beautiful African women.

The beach needs to remind the audience of the Durban beachfront on a beautiful summer’s day. Props include the Ku D’ Ta Pier, rickshaws, and the facades of buildings bordering the beachfront.

The commercial ends with our hero, Mindi, and her WoodCare-protected friends dancing together to a rhythmic Amapiano track, a house music style that originated in South Africa.

oak character turnaround
female head turnaround
drawover feedback for male head model
surfboards, lifeguard shelter and lifeguard flag infront of beachside buildings
beach table and chairs on the beach shore
beach chairs, tables, umbrellas and surfboards models infront of beachside buildings



Kansai Plascon

Head of Marketing
Suvasin Moodley

Brand Manager
Kabelo Seasebo

Marketing Coordinator
Yonela Molokomme


Chief Creative
Peri vP

Managing Director
Janez Vermeiren

Production Co-ordinator
Anco Henning


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Production and Art Direction
Jess Lupton

Freelance Art Director
Armand Filmalter

Copy Writer
Lionel Naidoo


Production Co-Ordinator
Khanyisile Mavuma

Animation Lead
Joshua Aikman

Rosannah Galbraith
Gareth Chadwick
Stefan van Niekerk

Texture Artists
Rosannah Galbraith
Stefan van Niekerk
Tyron da Gama
Simon Emmerich
Kirsten Harri

Lora Borisova
Gerhardus Laubscher

Mix and Master

Taryn du Plessis

Voice over artist
Nhlakanipho Manqele at Contractors Artists