young woman and male toddler smiling and showing off their biceps


Vignettes for a USA childcare company

The Brief

Sittercity required four companion vignettes showcasing a child and their sitter in a portrait moment of “their thing.”

Photographer Bernard Brand teamed up with Wondermerk Production‘s Jess Lupton for this fun project.

The social campaign was such a hit that the client turned it into a TV commercial – go team!

The creative was inspired by your favourite sitter in the 80s.

Each of the sitters are super excited about their kids favourite activity –

Milenna is passionate about collecting bugs – yep that’s a REAL tarantula!

Eva is a dodgeball fanatic with the reflexes of a tiger. Her biggest fan is Taryn, whose hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired (but that doesn’t stop her from trying).

Danica and Tshimollo are passionate dancers who might just be the next TikTok sensation. They’re accompanied by Malika who’s as clued up on TikTik as they are, and a bit of an emerging star herself. The three of them are one video away from going viral.

Mila is so passionate about Mulweli’s art that she has it tattooed on her arm.

Client: Sittercity
Services: Production
Agency: Superside
nanny and female toddler smiling and posing in between green plants
nanny smiling and posing with a tarantula on her shoulder
female toddler smiling and posing with a butterfly net
kid posing with a trophy and nanny posing with a pink dodgeball
young female getting ready to hit the incoming dodgeball
female kid posed to throw the pink dodgeball
male toddler and nanny smiling and posing
male toddler smiling and posing with a butterfly drawing
young female dancing and smiling
nanny and two young kids posing while dancing
two kids smiling and dancing in colourful outfits





Head of Production
Ashlee Fitzgerald

Project Manager
Leticia Carvalho

Danielle Houston

Art Director
Gabriella Bajkai


Bernard Brand

Jess Lupton

Schalk Myburgh

Hair and Makeup
Lyn Kennedy
Charlie Runge

Digital Assistant
Julian van Jaarsveld

1st Photographer Assistant
Chris dos Santos

Styling Assistant
Sophia Lee

H&M Assistant
Justine Habana