blueberry and oat muffin tops baking

Thomas’ Muffin Tops

A delicious demo for a new breakfast product

The Brief

Breakfast should never be blah.

Thomas’ required an experienced production company to develop a concept for a Muffin Tops video that conveys product convenience, health halo attributes and cues morning consumption while aligning with the brand’s overarching core campaign of ‘Wake up to what’s possible.®

The goal of the campaign was to drive awareness & trial of the two new products in the Thomas’ portfolio and continue to position the brand as a modern, friendly staple of the American home.

The campaign required memorable visuals while appealing to a younger consumer.

Wondermerk proposed utilising  3D assets instead of a traditional live-action format to romanticise the new product and its ingredients.

Client: Thomas' Baked Goods
Date: 2022
Services: Research and Development, 3D Modeling, Liquid Simulation, Motion Design
Production: Genero

The Process

We take the viewer on a magical journey of how Thomas’ muffin tops are made.

Our chocolate chips, oats and blueberries hop, skip, slide and tumble their way into the frame on a set constructed from the brand colours. Their oddly satisfying loops draw the viewer into the scene.

Our muffin tops are launched onto the screen as the ingredients swirl around them in mesmerizing choreography.

Our muffins bounce into the air and the packaging wraps around the product. The individually wrapped muffins drop into the frame as the stage rotates and a usage occasion is revealed.

As a wink to the heritage of the brand, we incorporated the Thomas’ logo as well as the horse and buggy motif into the staging of the demo.



Thomas’ Breakfast

Sr Director of Marketing Breakfast
Eduardo Zarate, Bimbo Group

Brand Manager
Mary Pensiero, Thomas’ Breakfast

Brand Manager
Julie Kimelman, Thomas’

Manager, Content Strategy
Kristin Harp

Client Director – USA
Danielle Tolkin, Genero


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Animation Supervisor
Joshua Aikman

Production Co-ordinator
Khanyisile Mavuma

Deaniè Brand
Gareth Chadwick
Rosannah Galbraith

Delano Borrageiro