colourful ice cream roses arranged like a bouquet

Cornetto Global Vanilla Caramel and Rose

Animated product sequences for different Cornetto flavours created for markets around the world

The Brief

Cornetto scoured the globe for an animation house to create product demos that celebrate the glory of their luscious ice cream.

The brief was to create a series of tantalising product sequences for use in TV Commercials and social media. Our mission was simple: create food porn.

Client: Unilever
Date: 2021
Services: Research and Development, 3D Modeling, Liquid Simulation, Motion Design
Production: Genero

The Brief

We created a series of vignettes where flavours are romanticised, milky creamy, chocolatey, and smooth.

Our purpose was to introduce product signifiers to engender consumer association with Cornetto. We have achieved this whilst maintaining a solid alignment with Cornetto’s ideals of a young, carefree and fun attitude. These spots needed to represent a joyous time in life filled with elation.

Our vignettes effectively encompass the Cornetto product’s inherent qualities that are distinctive in broadcast and on social media mediums.

The Process

We engineered arresting visuals that are highly detailed and realistic enough to leave one craving Cornetto ice cream. Our focus began with pattern formation.

We used our understanding of patterns to create a feel akin to the ‘oddly satisfying’ internet community informing the product choreography.

We also drew inspiration from various mesmerizing animation loops by digital artists that were interpreted for use in the food space.

Food creation is an incredibly meticulous process and requires many specialised skill sets to sing in perfect harmony.

We needed to create stimulating visuals as per motion graphics conventions whilst remaining simple and engaging.

This is our graceful ballet of food romance, a delicate balance of romance and reality.

The complex world of cream! How transparent is ice cream? What is the texture and depth of its creaminess? We lived the painstaking minutiae of liquid Physics. The endless crying under our desks.

We carefully considered the ice creams qualities in various states from viscus liquid state to frozen, semi solid-state and diligently building a deep understanding of each physical stage.

In reality, one needs to suspend the laws of physics to create hyper-realistic looking food. Food that whets the appetite by the mental association with the actual product and not just pixels on the screen. This requires a mighty flex in the conventions of tabletop photography and food styling.

The process needs to feel handcrafted and real. It is all too easy for the construction to feel very mechanical, unnatural.

After principle animation is completed with proxy geometry (simple shapes or cones) attention would be spent on viscus collisions, simulations and doing very fine and very detailed sculpting.

We editorialized each vignette, often using backlighting to achieve a trance rim – sculpting with light. The lighting aesthetic has to be even and uniform as per a product shoot.



BBDO Guerrero

Executive Creative Director
Director Federico Fanti

Associate Creative Director
Nico Zapanta

Group Account Director
Hanna Diaz

Senior Account Manager
Don Pablo


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Technical Lead
Werner Botha (Animmate)

Sebastian Burger