Ingram’s – Moisture Plus

A skin care commercial for a heritage brand

The Brief

Ingram’s sought a TVC and cutdowns that would evoke a sense of warmth and lightness while vividly portraying the Intense Moisture and confidence benefits of Ingram’s Moisture Plus, highlighting its functional superiority. The key message emphasises that there’s no need to supplement your cream/lotion with glycerine, as Ingram’s Moisture Plus is enriched with Triple Glycerine serum.

Wondermerk expertly managed the production process from start to finish, overseeing creative direction, scriptwriting, casting, music selection, 3D animated product demos, and editing.

Client: Ingrams
Services: Production
Agency: Filmer

The Concept

Nourish Your Skin, Empower Your Care

Ingram’s Skin Lotion isn’t just about skincare; it’s a catalyst for a greater sense of well-being and care. Our motivation stems from the belief that self-care is the foundation for caring for others. With every application of Ingram’s, we want to inspire individuals to prioritise their own self-care journey, knowing that by nurturing themselves, they become better equipped to nurture the relationships and responsibilities in their lives.

Our creative direction revolves around this core concept of empowerment through self-care:

Nourishing Rituals:

Encourage users to view their skincare routine as more than just a task, but rather as a daily ritual of self-love and care. Highlight the sensory experience of using Ingram’s, from its soothing texture to its calming fragrance, making each application a moment of indulgence and rejuvenation.

Inner Strength, Outer Radiance:

Emphasise the connection between inner well-being and outer beauty. Through captivating visuals and messaging, communicate that by prioritising self-care with Ingram’s, individuals can cultivate a radiant glow that reflects their inner strength and well-being



Tiger Brands

Marketing Director
Kyle Carson

Senior Brand Manager
Karabo Mohasoa

Marketing Director
Leanne Ford

Marketing Manager
Prathiva Pillay


Chief Creative
Peri vP

Anco Henning


Wondermerk Productions

Colin O’Mara Davis

Producer & Art Director
Jess Lupton at Wondermerk Studios

3D Product Demo Animations
Micheal Davids, Rosannah Galbraith, Stefan van Niekerk

Line Producer
Schantel Dadswell

Production Co-ordinator
Khanyisile Mavuma

Johann De Klerk at Sunday Studios

Styling and Art
Carel Combrinck
Heidi Hungwane

Hair and Makeup
Lyn Kennedy
Tshepiso Sithole

Lindi Goosen at Black Gosling

Mix and Master

Luyanda Zwane at Boss
Ayanda Ngwenya at Ice