ladybug and bokeh concept

Jacobs LadyWOW 3D Billboards

Immersive 3D animated out of home billboards

The Brief

Turning a little wonder from everyday into something big.

ladybug motion test styleframe
Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Services: 3d animation

Jacobs South Africa required 3D animated out of home billboards to communicate their new international campaign of Find Your Wonderful to a local audience.

For the launch of the new international Jacobs campaign, JDE South Africa needed to create localised content for the South African market. The campaign was powered by the question,

“How often do we take the time to appreciate a ladybug?”

We adapted Jacobs’ existing digital film, “Ladybug,” and we reimagined it to suit our objective. Within the original film, two female protagonists find themselves charmed by a ladybug, reminding us that the most profound joys reside in life’s simple moments. In the 3D spot the ladybug takes off just like in the film, but we take our audience on a WOW 3D journey.

The Process

The new Jacobs OOH creative is presented as a gift, with something wonderful inside. We start with the golden band logo full screen front — but this is the start to a delightful and unexpected trick! The box lid opens up to a diorama — revealing a familiar scene featuring a ladybug landing on the rim of a fresh cup of Jacob’s coffee. The ladybug takes flight surrounded by the swirling aroma, and for a brief moment, we take in this moment — up close and in slow motion. The ladybug feels so close that it seems to escape the diorama, but then falls back and swirls around the Jacobs’ J-cup, now in view, and lands on the rim. As the J-Cup catches the light on its facets, we see the supers “Find your wonderful“ appear in the scene.

ladybug rig test
jacobs jar and j-cup retopology screenshot
styleframe of a green j-cup with steam
jacobs ribbon test
human hand animation test with j-cup
ladybug motion test from the j-cup

The Delivery

We developed three distinctive OOH billboards, each customized for South Africa’s major cities: Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. These billboards were designed to inspire South Africans to fine their own sense of wonder in life’s smaller pleasures, much like the pure delight of savouring a fresh cup of Jacobs coffee.



Ogilvy Amsterdam

Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Marketing Lead
Hayley van Niekerk

Senior Brand Manager
Domaine Rautenbach


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Technical Lead
Michael Davids

Storyboard artist
Rosannah Galbraith

Stefan van Niekerk
Rosannah Galbraith