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Kotex Overnight

Gen Z graphics for a TV spot

The Brief

A mixed media Kotex spot that confronts cultural narratives around periods.

Director Alexa Wilson wanted to create an ad spot that confronts deeply ingrained cultural narratives surrounding periods while aiming to empower and uplift women during their menstrual cycles.

“There are times though when even the most confident of us are hit with the insidious thoughts that creep in when we’re alone.”

The narrative around periods is changing but so many of the practicalities remain the same. Women all want to feel confident during their cycle and part of feeling confident is getting the rest that they need.

We get to meet our hero as a barrage of negative thoughts and opinions on her period overwhelms her just before bed.

Client: Kimberly Clark
Date: 2022
Services: Illustration, development, animation
Agency: Ogilvy
Production: Arcade Content

The Process

Our protagonist faces those moments of vulnerability when negative thoughts about her period creep in. The insidious nature of these thoughts is visually represented by illustrated elements and mouths that overlay her surroundings, conveying the overwhelming nature of the societal chatter and stigma surrounding menstruation. This dynamic mix of Gen-Z and popular culture imagery embodies the diverse range of messages women often encounter.

Amid the chaotic storm of negative perceptions, Kotex emerges as the empowering antidote. At the peak of the chatter, our hero gazes outside her window, and a Kotex star in the night sky seemingly twinkles at her. This magical moment symbolizes the positive impact Kotex has on her life. As she embraces the brand’s support, a wave of positive emotions envelops her, allowing her to drift into a restful sleep, undisturbed by societal pressures.

With Kotex by her side, our protagonist awakens from her slumber rejuvenated and filled with newfound energy. The restful night’s sleep ensures she is ready to take on the day with confidence, breaking free from the shackles of period-related anxieties that once plagued her. She wakes up energised and ready to take on the day.



Kimberly Clarke

Arcade Content Johannesburg

Alexa Wilson

Executive Producer 
Colin Howard

Will Nicholson

Line Producer 
Devi Lazanas

Production Co-ordinator 
Anjé van Zyl

Ogilvy South Africa

Executive Creative Director 
Peter Little

Creative Director 
Peet Engelbrech

Art Director 
Rabatho Laka

Audrey Nyamucherera

O25 Graduate 
Ebrahim Omar

Snr. Integrated Producer 
Zonke Mkhonto

Group Account Director 
Janine Wessels


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

VFX Supervisor
Sebastian Burger