Novela Magic Channel Branding

Dynamic channel branding

The Brief

The Branding for Novela Magic was a a co-production with our friends at Birthmark

The Novela Magic channel celebrates unique African storytelling and showcases local content; African stories made by African talent by bringing together a range of content from across the region on one platform. The channel on Multichoice runs telenovelas from the continent.

While there were several television channels that featured series, reality shows, and game shows, there wasn’t one channel where viewers could enjoy African stories, featuring African talent from different regions on the continent in one place. The telenovela channel brings the best of Africa to Africans, with authentic and original home-grown stories made by Africans. West Africa and Southern Africa are synonymous with telenovela storytelling, and these regions are sharing this wonderful craft with other African regions through the Novela Magic channel.

Client: MultiChoice
Agency: Birthmark

The Process

The idea was to symbolise weaving storylines that spoke about the way that African fabrics are made through the use of 3D threadscapes.

In an effort to develop imaging that speaks to a Pan-African audience, we examined how cultural production on the continent is expressed and what common threads we share.

Next, we looked at contemporary fashion from the continent and see how traditional textiles are reimagined, reworked and presented.

Wondermerk conducted a ton of colour studies to find the right one for the target market and differentiate from competitors.

The result was an undulating threadscape of fine striations of thread that made a flag when they come together in a distinctive range of gem tones.



Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Chris Janse van Rensburg

Art Director
Zene Stoltz