Cornetto Premium Rose

A blooming CG Rose

The Brief

Cornetto’s new Hazelnut, Milk & White Peach Rose is a CG delight

Client: Unilever | Cornetto

For our 3D CGI ice cream product demo, we follow a precise and technical production pipeline. The process begins with detailed storyboarding to outline the visual narrative and key scenes. Next, we engage in 3D sculpting to create highly detailed models of the ice cream, ensuring accuracy and realism. Our team then utilizes advanced liquid simulation to replicate the melting and pouring effects authentically. Strategic lighting setups enhance the visual appeal and realism of the scene. Finally, our rendering process brings everything together, producing a high-quality, visually satisfying film.

The Process



Unilever | Cornetto


Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

Technical Lead
Colin O’Mara Davis

Rosannah Galbraith
Stefan van Niekerk

Production Co-ordinator
Khanyisile Mavuma